What is Clientpoint?

Clientpoint is an efficient, easy-to-use, information tool that accelerates the process of business. Clientpoint extends the most important application of the internet-email-by letting you know which individuals are viewing what information, from where, how often, and what their subsequent web site actions are.

The result is a potent combination of Presence Awareness Technology and Digital Rights Management. Clientpoint will enhance any sales operation and provide a clear, and measurable, value proposition.

Clientpoint's patent-pending technology focuses on these key applications:

Document Delivery:
Have the confidence and security of knowing your important emailed documents were successfully delivered, and are not lost in cyberspace;

Security Tracking:
Keep an audit trail of sensitive correspondence. Determine who is forwarding proprietary information outside the company, to where, and to how many people;

Web Site Monitoring:
Learn what pages of your web site specific customers and prospects access, when, and how often. Use powerful search tools to send focused messages back to qualified users;

Campaign Evaluation:
Enhance your analysis of email campaigns by reviewing not just click-thru rates, but web site activity matched with unique, identifiable users; and more.

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